Zayed University

Plats: Abu Dhabi / UAE
Produkt: , winDIM@net, proDIM BC9000

Förbättrad kontroll, betydande kostnadsbesparingar och enkel konfiguration var de viktigaste kraven för hela ljusstyrningssystemet för nya Zayed University i Abu Dhabi. Dessa krav möttes av winDIM@net styrsystem från Tridonic.

Tridonic made a huge contribution with lighting control systems and technical consultation services at all stages of the project. The specifications for the lighting systems included daylight-dependent and presence-dependent control for all teaching rooms and many other areas. “As far as the lighting management system for such a complex project was concerned, we knew that the DALI protocol was the only real option because each individual fixture could be monitored from a central location. The normal DALI ballasts and the ballasts for the independent DALI emergency lighting system – no fewer than 42,000 units in all – are controlled via the same line. This means that there is no need for further line loops”, said Mohammad Darwish, Project Manager at Tridonic Middle East in Dubai.

The winDIM@net software from Tridonic provides for simple configuration. It enables both normal and emergency DALI lighting loops to be linked directly with the TCP/IP network via proDIM BC9000. As a result, all the lighting in all 38 buildings can be easily monitored and controlled from a single PC. proDIM BC9000, which therefore acts as a central modular gateway for communication between the DALI and TCP/IP protocols. At the Zayed University all the zones are controlled by DALI MSensors for motion-dependent and daylightdependent regulation, together with DALI group controllers for switched and manual dimming control.

“This system does not need any special cables and also avoids the need for additional cabling. We have therefore achieved considerable savings in material costs and installation time. In view of these factors, the Tridonic solution is proving to be highly cost-effective”, added Mohammad Darwish.