SIDEREA – Citizen-Centric Lighting

Trusted outdoor solutions

Light that feels the pulse of the city and follows its rhythm

A modern infrastructure that offers people security and promotes their well-being while simultaneously reducing a city’s ecological footprint is an essential step towards a smart future.

Outdoor lighting is one of the most ubiquitous power grids spread across cities. With the change to LED, street light is more efficient resulting in reduced energy costs. But outdoor lighting can also be the starting point for paving the way to the digital city. Siderea makes outdoor lighting intelligent. The portfolio complies with the latest standards such as Zhaga book 18 and D4i enabling smart, future-prof LED luminaires with IoT connectivity. The plug-and-play interoperability makes it easy to add or upgrade sensors and communication nodes. A strong benefit for installers and end users who can easily adapt to further technological developments.


SIDEREA – Citizen-Centric Lighting

Future proof

Luminaires with standardised interfaces and the latest communication protocols are fully ready for a future with a wide range of as-yet unknown tasks. The required sensors and communication modules are activated simply via Plug & Play. The luminaire already features the intelligence and sensor technology required for the application at hand.


Tridonic’s many years of experience plus dialogue with visionaries and experts in lighting technology enable the company to develop innovative use cases. This helps cities and communities on their way to becoming “digital cities”.


High-quality lighting solution components ensure reliable operation, something Tridonic has demonstrated in even the toughest environmental conditions within industry. The risk of system failure is therefore much lower, which in turn increases the safety of the people in cities and communities.


The clever functions offered by the system components deliver enormous potential for reducing energy and maintenance costs. Extremely flexible and easy to use, they guarantee that resources within asset management can be developed truly efficient.