Intelligent components as the basis of an urban network

RF Multimaster Controller

RF Multimaster Controller#controller

Thanks to D4i and Zhaga compatibility, the new remote communication module is ushering in a new era of lighting control and data transfer. Each RF node is extremely intelligent in order to control multiple DALI devices while simultaneously setting up a stable wireless network. A practical approach: RF nodes span distances of up to 100 metres and network with each other. This ensures a reliable exchange of data – even if the gateway fails.
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Outdoor driver PRE 3

Outdoor driver PRE 3#driver

The first drivers designed according to the new D4i standard make it easy to integrate luminaires into IoT networks. D4i standardises how data is stored, transported and processed in DALI-2 drivers. It also determines how a driver with an integrated DALI bus connection can supply other devices with power. The AUX 24 V power supply has also been standardised for control devices with higher electricity requirements (wireless).
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PIR Streetlight Sensor

PIR Streetlight Sensor#sensor

Specially designed for street lighting, the multisensor has two PIR elements with asymmetric lenses for an extremely wide detection range. Detection of two separate zones is also possible, such as walkways and cycle paths.
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MSensor OTD SFI 30 PIR 10DP DA

MSensor OTD SFI 30 PIR 10DP DA#sensor

The D4i-certified multi-sensor with presence and daylight detection has been specially developed for harsh environments and areas of application with mounting heights of up to 10 metres.

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ACU Z18 Set

ACU Z18 Set#acu-z18-set

Set consisting of receptacle, lock washer and mounting nut (ACU Z18 REP 4PIN).

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With D4i, the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) is defining a new standard for the DALI bus within the luminaire.

DALI part 250
Bus power supply

DALI part 251
Asset management

DALI part 252
Energy usage

DALI part 253

AUX power