Strategic partnership with Paradox Engineering

Fully integrated solution based on open standards

PE Smart Urban Network from Paradox Engineering

A wireless network and a central management system remotely monitor IoT applications such as street lighting and car parks as well as high-speed services such as video monitoring and WiFi hotspots. Based on standards and open data models, PE Smart Urban Network enables complete interoperability in the management of devices, data and applications. When it comes to future extensions and integrating additional applications, the possibilities are limitless. The embedded blockchain technology optimises security and enables innovative models for data monetisation.

The benefits of the PE Smart Urban Network

  • Manufacturer-independent central management system
  • Seamless integration of customer-specific systems and applications
  • Guaranteed, continuous further development
  • Active member of the uCIFI Alliance for open, multi-manufacturer, fully compatible, wireless communication of smart cities and smart supply companies.

Further information:
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4. Smart city platform

Platforms from Paradox Engineering or other providers enable users to interact with the data and use it to make decisions – through data modelling, analysis, reporting, visualization and inspecting network devices.

3. Central management system

The central management suite collects and links the data from all integrated devices. This is where applications are integrated and applied.

2. Gateway

The gateway from Paradox Engineering establishes the connection for the transmission of data and information between the luminaire and the central management system.

1. Intelligent components

Every luminaire equipped with SIDEREA uses the latest standards for control and communication and therefore lays the foundation for a digital city that can develop progressively.