Regent Hotel

Plats: Peking / Kina
Produkt: ECO T5 serien

Hotell Regent är ett av de senaste fem-stjärniga hotellen som har byggts i Peking. Hotellet ligger i det pulserande shoppingområdet Wangfujing, bredvid den förbjudna staden. Efter en noggrann utvärdering av tillgängliga alternativ valde hotellet Tridonic PCA ECO lp. De dimbara driftdonen monterades i armaturer som levererades av det Peking baserade Zao Ming Yun Feng belysningsföretaget.

A major factor in this choice was the ability of PCA ECO ballasts for fluorescent lighting to integrate effectively with TE-0070 C101 units used on the halogen lighting. In this way, zones with mixed lighting can be controlled in harmony to create the required lighting effects.

In meeting rooms, for example, a combination of fluorescent and halogen lighting is controlled in harmony to create different lighting scenes for different activities. PCA ECO ballasts, which are designated “A1” in the CELMA energy performance classification for lighting ballasts, are enabling the hotel to dim its recessed T5 fluorescent lighting to create different ambiences, as well as to save energy by using the lighting intelligently. At the same time, this enhanced level of control extends the life of the lamps so that maintenance costs are reduced. In fact, Tridonic dimmable control gear has been shown to reduce energy costs by as much as 80 % compared to lighting that is simply switched on and off.

PCA ECO ballasts make use of Digital Serial Interface (DSI) technology that was developed by Tridonic in 1991. Acting as the basis for the DALI interface standard, DSI offers a host of benefits ranging from digital control with minimal complexity through to simpler installation due to polarity-free wiring. At the Regent Beijing, the luminaires are grouped so the lighting is controlled in zones, making full use of the DSI functionality.

Lighting is an essential element in creating the right atmosphere in any space and this is particularly important in hotels, where the atmosphere is key to the guests’ enjoyment. The versatile control solution provided by Tridonic has given the Regent Beijing extensive control of its lighting and, therefore, over the ambiences that are created in key spaces of the hotel. The Tridonic solution also minimises energy consumption and extends lamp life to ensure that life cycles costs are minimised.

Projekt data
Ägare: Regent Hotels & Resorts Group
Belysning: Zao Ming Yun Feng
Använt material: ECO T5 serien