Utställning och Butiker


Tridonic drivers for light curtain at Louis Vuitton

Plats: Xiamen/China
Produkt: LCA 100 W 350–1050 mA 4xCH lp PRE
Luxury fashion deserves lighting that reveals every high-quality detail. And that is precisely what Tridonic provides at the Louis Vuitton branch in Xiamen, China which opened in 2019. Tridonic’s driver technology has been used to create an impressive light curtain displaying the iconic Louis Vuitton design. mer..

ENG fashion label – Fashion in an interplay between light and shadow

Plats: Shanghai/China
Produkt: LCA 38 W 350–1050 mA DT8 C PRE, basicDIM Wireless PWM CV 4CH, LC 200 W 24 V SC SNC
ENG, the young Chinese fashion label, is using Tridonic technology to convey its unique design language. mer..

High-quality light for the finest Herend porcelain

Plats: Budapest/Hungary
Produkt: LCA 100 W 24 V one4all SC PRE, LLE FLEX, LCA 150 W 24 V one4all SC PRE
Hungarian luminaire manufacturer Oleant and architect Marcell Benson made full use of Tridonic LED technology to create a modern and aesthetic lighting solution in Palais Herend that provides the perfect setting for the porcelain. The elegant results can be admired at the showroom in the heart of Budapest. mer..

LED lighting solution achieves significant energy savings at Abu Dhabi's Dalma Mall

Plats: Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates
Produkt: Moduler LLE advanced, LED drivers LC SNC and LC EXC
Tridonic products are making a significant contribution to the sustainable performance of the newly refurbished Dalma Mall, located in UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. To stay in line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision, which is geared towards building a sustainable and vibrant economy, it was decided that the lighting in the 3-storey shopping mall should be refurbished to remove the original fluorescent light fittings.  mer..

Valiant bank

Plats: Bern/Schweiz
Produkt: DALI PS2
An LED light ceiling spans the counter hall at Valiant bank at Bahnhofplatz in Bern. With its Tunable White function, it enables variable light colours to be generated, ranging from warm and neutral white to cold white. mer..

Müller retail chain

Plats: Sites in Germany: Mercaden in Böblingen, Stuttgart-Fasanenhof
The Müller retail chain has opted for LED technology from Tridonic for equipping its new retail outlets and for upgrading its existing shops. A concept for one-to-one replacement of the existing lighting has been developed in close cooperation with Müller Ladenbau GmbH.  mer..

Bvlgari flaggskeppsbutik

Plats: Nanjing / Kina
Produkt: DALI PS1
Ett Tridonic DALI ljusstyrningssystem ger en flexibel styrning för den nya Bvlgari juvelerarbutiken i köpcentret Deji Plaza i Nanjing, Kina, samtidigt som en rad komplexa krav möts.  mer..

Yonghui Supermarket

Plats: Putian/Kina
In enhancing the visual appeal of its fresh produce, the Yonghui Supermarket in Putian, Fujian Province has turned to Tridonic's TALEXXengine SLE to deliver the required lighting effects with low energy and maintenance costs. mer..

Morrisons supermarkets change over to Tridonic LED

Plats: England
Produkt: LLE premium System
Tridonic has been awarded a contract to supply systems of LED modules and LED converters to leading UK supermarket chain Morrisons, as part of a refurbishment programme of stores throughout the UK.  mer..

BVB supporter butik

Plats: Dortmund / Tyskland
Produkt: TALEXXconverter LCAI 50 W, TALEXXconverter LCAI 55 W
Den nya butiken för BVB-supporters som det tyska fotbollslaget Borussia Dortmund i Bundesliga har öppnat i källaren i Vilddjurets galleria har en säljyta på ca 160 kvadratmeter. Här kan BVB-supporters hitta något att köpa som anknyter till deras favoritlag. Vilddjurets Galleri är det senaste och största shoppingcentret i Dortmund.  mer..