Passager och Parkering


"DOLL Living Lab" for intelligent outdoor lighting

Plats: Albertslund/Denmark
Produkt: SIDEREA, WE-EF LED street lights
The “DOLL Living Lab” in Albertslund, Denmark is a test centre, exhibition space and innovation hub all in one. Tridonic has initiated a pilot project here to test intelligent solutions for sustainable outdoor lighting with the aim of enabling towns and cities to achieve significant cost savings and to offer services for an intelligent lighting infrastructure that takes into account people and nature alike. mer..

Smart lighting in Pozuelo de Alarcón

Plats: Pozuelo de Alarcón/Spain
Produkt: LCO 90 W 200–1050 mA pD+ NFC C PRE3, LCO 40 W 200–1050 mA pD+ NFC C PRE3, LCO 60 W 200–1050 mA pD+ NFC C PRE3
The Spanish town of Pozuelo de Alarcón saves more than 50 percent in energy costs while getting closer to its ambitious climate targets – all thanks to the state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and centrally controllable lighting solution. Tridonic has equipped the municipality with 2,700 smart, dimmable LED drivers for the entire outdoor area. mer..

Tailor-made lighting concept for the central bus station in Gelsenkirchen

Plats: Gelsenkirchen/Germany
Produkt: Moduler LLE advanced, LC 75 W 100–400 mA flexC lp EXC
Futuristic and functional: tailor-made LED technology from Tridonic not only makes the revamped central bus station in Gelsenkirchen an attractive meeting place but also improves safety and security while reducing operating costs. mer..

Mega airport in Beijing gets light-on-demand

Plats: Beijing/China, Daxing district
Produkt: LED driftdon premium kompakt, LED driftdon premium linjära
Passengers at the new Daxing mega airport enjoy comfortable lighting. Tridonic has supplied drivers, intelligent lighting control and light-on-demand with daylight tracking to help make the stay at the airport a pleasant one. mer..

Smart City technology for Darmstadt

Plats: Darmstadt/Germany, Wixhausen district
Produkt: PIR sensors for street lighting, wireless modules with AES-128 end-to-end encryption (IPv6)

Tailor-made LED lighting for London’s Crossrail project

Plats: London/UK
Produkt: LCA 35 W 150–700 mA one4all lp PRE, Moduler LLE excite, LCA 50 W 100–400 mA one4all lp PRE
Premium belysningstillverkaren FUTURE Designs samarbetade nära med Tridonic för att utrusta stationerna längs Crossrail-linjen i London. Tack vare många års erfarenhet och teknisk know-how är resultatet en skräddarsydd belysningslösning som uppfyller de höga kraven för tunnelbanan.  mer..

Convenient lighting control system for Sitges and other Spanish municipalities

Plats: Spain
Produkt: premium OTD LED Driver, GridControl function
LEDs can reduce energy consumption as well as the amount of maintenance required for lighting systems, which is why municipalities are also gradually making the switch to LED technology. A particularly efficient and convenient solution has been developed for Lloret de Mar. mer..

Schallberg tunnel

Plats: A9 Simplon Pass/Schweiz
Following its general renovation the 500 m long Schallberg tunnel can be seen in a new light. The luminaires were developed by the Swiss tunnel lighting specialists Rigamonti and equipped with LED components from Tridonic. The result is high-performance lighting system that offers a high level of visual comfort and has a positive effect on the sense of safety among vehicle drivers. mer..

St. Exupéry airport

Plats: Lyon/France
Produkt: LED modules, LNU dimmers
New signage improves navigation through Lyon St. Exupéry airport. LED modules and LNU dimmers from Tridonic ensure optimum readability of the signage in all areas of the buildings at all times of day and night. mer..