Tridonic drivers for light curtain at Louis Vuitton

Spotlight on luxury

Plats: Xiamen/China
Produkt: LCA 100 W 350–1050 mA 4xCH lp PRE

Luxury fashion deserves lighting that reveals every high-quality detail. And that is precisely what Tridonic provides at the Louis Vuitton branch in Xiamen, China which opened in 2019. Tridonic’s driver technology has been used to create an impressive light curtain displaying the iconic Louis Vuitton design.

Aesthetic lighting installations are a hallmark of Louis Vuitton stores. In 2019, this design element was also incorporated in the new branch within the MixC shopping complex in the port city of Xiamen, China. Underlining the luxury image of the fashion chain, an impressive illuminated facade attracts attention to the store, all made possible by a sophisticated lighting concept featuring Tridonic driver technology.

Luxury fashion meets state-of-the-art lighting technology

The facade resembles a light curtain in which the geometric pattern for which Louis Vuitton is renowned comes to life through the skilful use of luminaires. With a colour temperature of 3,000 K the LED modules, tailor-made for this customer, create an inviting atmosphere. The light is cleverly scattered and reflected for minimal glare. Lighting designers used the secondary reflex effect here which places high demands on the lighting technology. At the same time, a constant brightness level had to be ensured throughout the entire installation.

To achieve this at Louis Vuitton in Xiamen, Tridonic used its DC-powered 100 W 4-channel DALI drivers. Thanks to the dimming function in these drivers, the lighting demands could be met with a high degree of flexibility and precision, making it easy to switch between different lighting scenes and lighting dynamics.

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Använt material: LCA 100 W 350–1050 mA 4xCH lp PRE