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  • ENG fashion label – Fashion in an interplay between light and shadow


ENG fashion label – Fashion in an interplay between light and shadow

Plats: Shanghai/China
Produkt: basicDIM Wireless PWM CV 4CH, LC 200 W 24 V SC SNC, LCA 38 W 350–1050 mA DT8 C PRE

ENG, the young Chinese fashion label, is using Tridonic technology to convey its unique design language.

Not just a shop, but a creative showroom for lifestyle and events – that is the concept of ENG’s first flagship store in central Shanghai. Lighting not only creates an ideal interplay between light and shadow, it also conveys the DNA of the brand. Uniform illumination giving the impression of natural light is broken up by spotlights and downlights precisely where parts of the interior or merchandise need to be highlighted. basicDIM wireless technology and LED modules and drivers from Tridonic are the enablers for this flexible lighting concept, pushing retail into the background in favour of a representative design language that speaks to the heart of the predominantly young customers.

Connected with Tridonic technology

ENG attached great importance to flexibly adjustable lighting. Connected in a total of five mesh networks, the LED drivers and communication modules from Tridonic can be operated completely without an additional gateway thanks to basicDIM Wireless. And thanks to DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), the built-in DT8 PRE drivers offer optimum dimming from 1 to 100 percent.

The sophisticated light-on-demand solution provides high white light quality – from 2,700 to 6,500 K – through calibration by the drivers and LED modules from Tridonic, with the luminous flux remaining constant at all colour temperatures.

Tridonic’s wireless light management helped ENG reach its objective of changing the retail space using light. This gives the shop displays a greater presence, providing customers with an individual and unusual shopping experience.

Project: ENG flagship store, Shanghai / China
Owner: ENG
Lighting design: ENG
Använt material: LCA 38 W 350–1050 mA DT8 C PRE
basicDIM Wireless PWM CV 4CH
LC 200 W 24 V SC SNC