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Light for every mood#light

An intelligent system solution like basicDIM features lighting control that takes into account the presence of users and ambient light. Besides being suitable for master/slave luminaires, this efficient system wins out in particular thanks to software-free installation. Complex spatial solutions can be implemented quickly and straightforwardly.

ILD Generation 2 – at a glance#ild

  • Easy & cost effective dimming solution for luminaire and room applications
  • ILD G2 sensor with integrated application controller
  • 2 group dimming function: it is possible to set an offset for direct/indirect light or daylight depended group lighting
  • Modular system structure: choose only components and features you need and save space and money
  • Can be powered via DALI line: DALI PS3 or LED driver with integrated power supply needed
  • Compatible with MSensor G3 portfolio and DALI XC G3
  • Max. 20 DALI gears and 4 input devices
  • Fast & easy commissioning on-site via IR remote
  • Configure default settings in manufacturing via companionSUITE

Use case examples#use-cases

Use case: Freestanding luminaire

Freestanding luminaire

  • Presence/daylight detection
  • Single push button for switching and dimming
  • Direct/indirect light
  • DALI power supply with basicDIM IPS or po4a driver
Use case: Class room


  • Master/slave system
  • Daylight depended group lighting
  • Presence detection
  • Manual control unit or remote

Generation 1 – at a glance#gen1

  • Compact dimensions for luminaire installation
  • Ambient light sensors with motion detector and separate control unit
  • Control unit with 2 DALI/DSI output channels with adjustable negative offset
  • Can be remote controlled
  • ILD G1:
    • For up to 10 DSI or DALI devices (max. 5 per output channel)
    • 1 switch input for on/off switching and dimming
    • Individual adjustment of the parameters with basicDIM ILD Programmer or DSI-SMART Programmer
    • Max. installation height 5 m or 16 m
  • DGC G1:
    • For up to 20 DSI or DALI devices (max. 10 per output channel)
    • 2 switch inputs for on/off switching and dimming
    • Individual adjustment of the parameters with basicDIM DGC Programmer or software masterCONFIGURATOR
    • 1 relais output
    • DALI input
    • Sensor input for up to 4 basicDIM DGC sensors
    • Max. installation height 5 m



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