adaptiveSWARM CFI 30 IR DA2

SWARM Module for indoor use


  • Plug and play – out of the box SWARM behavior in combination with the ILD G2 FSL
  • Instant increase of comfort in the office
  • IR communication – no mesh network needed to establish SWARM communication between neighbor luminaires
  • Flexible and adaptive lighting fixture positioning
  • Based on standards: DALI-2 certified input device
  • Easy snap in installation, supporting Zhaga Book 20
  • Easy possibility for upgrade and refurbishment in the field
  • In combination with ILD G2 FSL the behavior of the sensor is adjustable via companionSUITE and therefore the ideal upgrade for free standing luminaires
  • 5-års garanti


  • adaptiveSWARM module sends out IR-signals, which are reflected by the ceiling and received by the neighbour luminaire. No mesh network needed to establish SWARM communication between neighbour luminaries.
  • The adaptiveSWARM module is mounted on the luminaire and the special SWARM control profile is automatically active in conjunction with the ILD G2 FSL.
  • No additional commissioning required. To disable the SWARM profile in the field, the IR Programmer remote control (in combination with ILD G2) is required.

Typiska tillämpningar

  • Mainly for use in offices with floor-standing luminaires in combination with IR SWARM technology. Can be used in combination with other luminaire types e. g. suspended fixtures depending on application.


  • Tridonic adaptiveSWARM CFI 30 IR DA2 is developed according to DALI Standard EN 62386-101 Ed.2, also known as DALI-2. To be able to use the sensor in such installation, an application controller is necessary.
  • A list of approved application controller can be found on Tridonic WEB page in “Downloads” in document “Application controllers supporting the adaptiveSWARM CFI 30 IR DA2.pdf”.
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adaptiveSWARM CFI 30 IR DA2 28004302 18 st. 0,01 kg
Godkännande märkning:
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Tekniska data
Sensortyp SWARM module
Matning via DALI
Matningsspänning (1) 12 – 22,5 V
Strömförbrukning max. 18 mA
Kabellängd för DALI och strömförsörjning (2) ≤ 3 m
Starttid ≤ 1,2 s
Stödjer driftsätt 0
Monteringshål acc. to Zhaga Book 20
Installationstyp snaps into place
Max. radiointervall (3) 7,5 m
Omgivningstemperatur ta (4) 0 ... +50 °C
tc-punkt 60 °C
Lagertemperatur ts -25 ... +60 °C
Dimensioner Ø x H ø 36,8 x 18,4 mm
Höljets material PC & Polyamid
Hölje färg Svart
Typ av skydd IP20
Garanti 5 Year(s)
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Application controllers supporting adaptiveSWARM module
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Adapter Kabel LEX-MR Tillbehör


  • LEX-MR is optional accessory suporting the Zhaga 20 standard
  • Responding luminaire plug LEX-LP available from Amphenol Benelux to be specified by lighting OEM’s depending on specific fixture design:
  • FLM-S23-00, FLM-S23-W0
  • P-FLM-S21-00, P-FLM-S21-W0
  • Further information:, product ( and supplier information:


  • Supplies Zhaga Book 20
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ACU 034 Z20 LEX-MR 150mm 28004616
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adaptiveSWARM CFI 30 IR DA2 28004302 CAD (667,7 KB)