Sensor smartSWITCH G2 HF

Motion sensor with bright-out function for efficient use of light.

smartSWITCH G2 HF 5DP f / S f

Individual setting options

The motion sensor can be installed at heights of up to 5 or 12 metres and is capable of detecting motion through glass and thin materials (except metal). When there is sufficient brightness, the integrated bright-out function prevents the light from switching on, thus avoiding unnecessary power consumption. The light values, delay time and detection range of the bright-out function can be set individually via nine DIP switches. With two different housing designs, the sensor offers multiple installation options, while two neutral terminals ensure simple wiring.

smartSWITCH G2 HF 5DP f / S f
smartSWITCH G2 HF 12DP MB f / S f