Module LLE 24 mm 1100 lm Activating Light HV EXC1

New LED module with light that promotes concentration

The linear module series with Activating Light.

Optimal, pleasant light for work

The new linear excite module (EXC) with Activating Light makes use of the biological influence of light to make work both more enjoyable and more effective. To achieve this, the 24-millimetre-wide module uses LEDs that have a stimulating effect thanks to their colour temperature of 4200 Kelvin and their high cyan share. Combined with uniform light that remains homogeneous even when several modules are placed in a row, the module provides comfortable, pleasant lighting. There is also a wide range of lenses and covers to meet individual requirements. The module is available in lengths of 280 and 560 millimetres and can be wired quickly and easily thanks to plug-in terminals.

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