LED module LLE 16 mm ADV5: the fifth generation

Linear module series for optimum lighting quality and creative freedom

The fifth generation of linear modules with extremely high efficiency and new module length.

Module LLE 16x70mm 325lm HV ADV5

The 16-millimetre-wide advanced (ADV) modules are now in their fifth generation, and come with increased efficiency, a longer life time and a variety of design options. Four different lengths, which can be combined as desired, open up a wide range of design options.

The new length of only 70 millimetres closes even small gaps for a uniform lighting effect throughout. In addition, the entire module series enjoys very good colour rendering and an extended life time of up to 72,000 hours.

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Module LLE 16x140-560mm 650lm HV ADV5
Module LLE 16x70-560mm 1250lm HV ADV5

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