National stadium Warsawa

Plats: Warszawa / Polen
Produkt: LED Drivers

Den nya fotbollsstadion i Warszawa lyser i Polens nationella färger.

When the whistle blew for the kick-off of UEFA EURO 2012 on 8 June 2012, all eyes were focused not only on the players but also on the unique "Stadion Narodowy" national stadium in Warsaw. Boasting more than 55,000 seats and 69 VIP boxes, it is not just the biggest of the four stadiums which Poland has built for the European Football Championship, it is also an architectural masterpiece.

Monumental system

With its striking location on the East bank of the Vistula river, the structure is a visible accent in Warsaw's urban landscape. The woven façades imitate a wicker basket illuminated in the Polish national colours of red and white. The translucent layer unifies the different areas inside the building into one large form and interconnects the interior functions which lie behind. The building's volume is more than one million cubic meters. The construction work lasted more than three years and the building costs were over 250 million Euros - an impressive investment sum.

Modern lighting concept

The lighting solution for the connecting routes around the stadium was developed by NARVA Polska in collaboration with the companies Awluks and Nidamet. To ensure safe operation even under difficult environmental conditions, an LED-lit and highly robust handrail system (IP68 protection, IK10 impact resistance) has been installed. The handrails are fitted with more than 8,700 inbuilt TALEXXmodule P211-4 WW units with a colour temperature of 3000 K. Their optical design offers maximum homogeneity of light distribution. The TALEXXconverter REMOTE LCI constant current converters – over 850 of them – required to operate the LEDs are not incorporated into the handrails themselves but up to 100 m away in air-conditioned control cabinets. Therefore constant environmental conditions and central access for maintenance and repair is guaranteed. The LED solution used guarantees energy-saving operation for years to come.

When selecting the products, Tridonic offered the most convincing quality and expertise, insists Marcin Walkowicz, chair of the board of Narva Polska. "We chose Tridonic for various reasons: our confidence in the company and its products, the high quality, the 5-year warranty and not least the years of experience Tridonic has in the LED sector."

Projekt data
Klient: Narodowe Centrum Sportu Sp. Z.o.o., Warsaw (PL)
Arkitekter: JSK Architekci Sp. Z.o.o., Warsaw (PL),
gmp International GmbH, Hamburg (D),
Schlaich Bergemann und Partner GmbH, Stuttgart (D)
Använt material: LED Drivers