Manta Rhei – kinetiska armaturer

Plats: International

Genom att kombinera avancerad OLED-teknik, elektronik och styrsystem, har armatur tillverkare Selux och ART+ KOM designstudio inlett en ny era inom professionell belysning. Resultatet av den första studien om kinetiska armaturer presenteras som "Manta Rhei" - en känslig OLED-baserad armatur som tyst svävar i rymden medan den kontinuerligt ändrar utseende.

The 1.20 m x 2.40 m luminaire body incorporating 140 ultra-thin Tridonic OLED modules is able to combine individual lighting scenarios and movement sequences to form a unit. Among other things, the luminaire simulates the gentle movement of a manta ray. Thanks to the OLEDs' intelligent control system, the quantity of light emitted remains constant. The result is a fascinating combination of lighting control and kinetics.

The newly created Manta Rhei is the first luminaire which is able to project lighting intensity onto a surface, adjusting its light output depending on the distance between individual luminaire components. The result is a luminaire that seems to be alive and features a number of technical highlights.

Tridonic's OLED modules were chosen because their OLEDs were able to impress in terms of colour rendering and design. Furthermore, their colour temperature is very constant, and the illuminated surfaces give a highly uniform impression. The LUREON REP modules were optimised in a way that the individual panels appear very delicate and, in switched-off mode, resemble tiny mirrors. Hence, Manta Rhei is an attractive eye-catcher in any room situation, even when switched off.

The LUREON REP modules used have a colour temperature of 4000 K and provide 40 lm/W. Further benefits are maximum utilisation of the illuminated surface and a CRI higher than 80. Each individual OLED can be controlled precisely in 65,000 levels of brightness. The constant illuminance level and natural movement patterns create a pleasant lighting atmosphere.

Thanks to the interplay of kinetic aesthetics and dynamic lighting, the lighting options are able to achieve a new quality. By integrating mechanical movement, the conventional typology of luminaire design has been extended, opening up new horizons for using organic light-emitting diode technology.

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Projekt data
Armatur tillverkare: Selux AG, Berlin (D)
Design studio:  ART+COM, Berlin (D)
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