Magasin Printemps

Plats: Rouen / Frankrike
Produkt: , PCI

Den föråldrad Magasin Printemps varuhus i Rouen, Frankrike, uppfyller inte längre de visuella förväntningarna hos dagens kunder, vana vid modern produktpresentation i attraktiva ljusförhållanden. Allmän renovering av 4.000 kvadratmeter och uppgradering av belysning med hög kvalitet EKG från Tridonic kommer att avhjälpa situationen.

An essential part of the refurbishment measures was dedicated to the lighting system, which now gives the department store a distinctive and positive look and welcomes customers with an inviting lighting atmosphere, combined with maximum energy efficiency and lighting comfort. The bright and pleasant ambience ensures a highly focussed presentation of goods, the well-balanced overall impression boosting sales figures as well. The use of electronic ballasts by Tridonic provides maximum lighting comfort and high economic efficiency.

T5 luminaires with open light distribution have been installed to provide ambient lighting for the entire retail space; in the corridors, the luminaires have also been fitted with opal diffusers to ensure uniform distribution of brightness and good glare control. Recessed luminaires and the flexible use of track-mounted spotlights create attractive lighting scenarios that put the focus on individual product groups, effectively supported by the brilliant lighting quality of CDM-T 35 and 70 metal halide lamps.

The light sources are operated by PCI electronic ballasts from Tridonic, which have been developed especially for high-pressure discharge lamps, ensuring reliable and safe operation. The ballasts cover a wide range of output levels and create perfect conditions for creative luminaire design.

Light boosting sales figures

The ballasts, which are part of Tridonic’s third PCI indoor generation, were primarily designed for use in spotlights installed in shops, department stores and supermarkets to present products in a sophisticated way. They provide excellent lighting quality, ensuring consistent and calm light as well as high colour stability, thanks to consistent performance. They can be operated without acoustic resonance and easily be integrated into a lighting control system. In addition, they have further qualities such as low system power consumption at high system efficiency.

Thanks to the lamps’ prolonged service life, the maintenance intervals are also increased, which considerably improves the lighting system’s economic efficiency. Independent of the various functions available, the product range provides a high level of installation comfort, thanks to colour-coded terminal blocks. Connections can easily and quickly be made and unmade.

By providing highly innovative lighting components, Tridonic has made an essential contribution to the project’s success.

Projekt data
Project owner: Buildinvest, Rouen (F)
Architects: Schwitzke Project GmbH, Düsseldorf (D), in collaboration with Le Printemps
Lighting design/concept, manufacturer, distributor: Leuchtwerk light > production GmbH, Hamburg (D)
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