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Crossrail is bright and safe

London’s new railway line will be equipped with bespoke LED illumination featuring Tridonic technology. mer...
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LED modules: premium quality right from the start

Outstanding technology at the highest level begins with the selection of raw materials for LED modules. That’s why Tridonic only uses strictly qualified materials. mer...

LED module CLE Shallow EXC: Perfect homogeneity for large surface-mounted luminaires

These improved modules make it even easier to install round, flat luminaires. This is thanks both to the installation depth of just 30 millimetres and the additional hole patterns. mer...

LED and progress – two halves of a whole

Tridonic has been pioneering the development of lighting technology since 1956. Continuous further developments and groundbreaking innovations are an integral part of the company’s culture. mer...
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LED module LLE FLEX CC ADV: High-quality lighting technology that creates more space in the warehouse

Supplied as a roll, the LLE FLEX CC flexible continuous row not only saves space, but can also be adjusted to the respective length required thanks to its design, which gives users the option of cutting the row every 140 mm. mer...
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excite (EXC) LED drivers for outdoor use

Tridonic’s new generation of dimmable IP20 drivers delivers innovative functions and programming capabilities as well as superior energy efficiency and life time. mer...

LED light for furniture lighting

The compact 35/200 W essence series LED drivers offer many advantages for flexible LED modules such as the LLE FLEX. mer...

deviceANALYSER supports luminaire manufacturers

deviceANALYSER software allows luminaire manufacturers to quickly and easily inspect returned luminaires and detect malfunctions. mer...

Strong arguments for Tridonic LED technology

The new LED modules brochure from the Technology+ series gives a clear overview of Tridonic’s extensive know-how, portfolio and way of working. mer...

LED drivers for 3-phase tracks

The 25/40 W flexC NFC EXC in-track drivers simplify production processes in the manufacturing of luminaires. mer...

Panel light LED driver ADV for downlights and light panels

The compact constant current LED driver with strain relief is the ideal solution for minimalist downlights and slim light panels. mer...

LED module LLE 24 ADV SELV: Linear modules for the utmost lighting needs

With a colour rendering of CRI 90 and CRI 80 and efficiency of up to 200 lumens per watt, the fifth generation of these linear modules offers high-quality lighting technology. mer...