Vårdcentralen Glarus Süd

Plats: Linthal / Schweiz
Produkt: SMART Plug Ma, SMART Plug cF

Med en variation av minnes pluggar – så kallade SMART Plugs – visar Tridonic hur lätt det kan vara att konfigurera belysningssystem. Genom att sätta pluggarna i den nya generationens dimbara PCA driftdon kan fördefinierade inställningar överföras snabbt och enkelt.

The LinthPraxen were looking for a flexible lighting control system including dimmable luminaires for the lighting design of their new health-care centre.

The configuration settings for the ballast are stored on the SMART Plug MA (MA stands for “Maintenance”). If the device has to be replaced, the configuration settings stored on the SMART plug can be transferred to the new ballast by inserting it into the new device. Thus, elaborate re-configurations have now become a thing of the past.

Individual dimming level retention time

If the ballast is linked to an external presence detector, the corridorFUNCTION parameters can easily be configured using the SMART Plug cF. The SMART Plug cF 1min keeps the dimming level at 10 percent for one minute, after which the luminaires are switched off. The SMART Plug cF 30min provides an extended retention time of 30 minutes, while the Never-off Plug ensures a constant dimming level of 10 percent. As soon as the SMART plug is connected to the ballast’s SMART interface, the corresponding corridorFUNCTION profile will be enabled in the ballast.

A variety of combination options

The digitally dimmable ballasts of the PCA EXCEL one4all range support all three types of plugs. The corridorFUNCTION can be controlled by the PCA BASIC and ECO ranges. In addition, SMART sensors for ambient-light-based control or presence-based control can be connected via the interface. Sensor functions work at room heights of up to 10 metres.