Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre

Plats: Al Ain / UAE
Produkt: Ljusstyrning och anslutbarhet, winDIM@net

Den avancerade funktionaliteten hos Tridonics winDIM@net system är ett viktigt bidrag till hållbarheten för nya Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre på Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort i Förenade Arabemiraten (UAE).

Den moderna funktionaliteten hos winDIM@net systemet utgör ett viktigt bidrag till en hållbarhet för nya Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre.

Beläget i Abu Dhabi, är Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort en av världens mest ambitiösa projekt för djurliv och kommer att spela en viktig bevarande roll samt skapa en turistdestination i världsklass.

Design for LEED Platinum

Designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification, the centre has sustainability at its core with a strong commitment to minimising energy consumption and carbon emissions. The lighting systems within the building have the potential to make a significant contribution to the building’s energy consumption so effective lighting management is a vital element.

To that end, the Tridonic winDIM@net enables the building’s operators to take control of every aspect of the lighting, aligning it to the activities within the building so that every lumen is used to full effect. Crucially, the winDIM@net system also delivers the flexibility required to enable the building’s lighting to respond to different activities at different times of the day and the year.

winDIM@net also enables scene setting in selected areas of the building, contributing to the ambience of the displays and maximising their impact. Scenes can be pre-set within the system for ease of use by resort staff, and they can be re-programmed through the winDIM@net system if and when required.

Projekt data
Ägare: Al Ain Wild Life Park and Resorts
Arkitekt: Chalabi Architects & Partners
Ljusdesign och koncept: Bartenbach Lichtlabor
Använt material: Ljusstyrning och anslutbarhet