Dolder Grand Hotel

Plats: Zurich/Switzerland
Produkt: , TE 0105 one4all, PCI FOX, DALI-PCD 300 one4all, TALEXXconverter K350 DALI RGB

Enkel, tillförlitlig och effektiv kontroll och övervakning av individuella armaturer och hela ljusscener var en av de viktigaste utmaningarna för konstruktörerna av belysningssystemet för Dolder Grand hotell. DALI uppfyller alla dessa krav, vilket är anledningen till att DALI-kompatibla driftdon och transformatorer från Tridonic styr och övervakar belysningen i detta lyxhotell i Zürich.

In April 2008 the city of Zurich got one of its landmarks back when the Dolder Grand Hotel opened its doors again after closing in 2004 for a major refit. The renovation work lasted almost four years and involved rectifying some of the building mistakes of the past and restoring the original structure of the hotel as far as possible. In keeping with the quality of the renovation, the requirements at the new lighting systems in the Dolder Grand Hotel were also very high. All the luminaires had to be individually addressable, individual lighting solutions were required and a wide range of moods and scenes had to be preprogrammed.

As a solution for the control requirements DALI seemed the ideal basis, and Tridonic was able to provide highly impressive references in this respect. The unique nature of the product range, its depth, a five-year guarantee and Tridonic’s ability to develop customer-specific solutions convinced the operators of the Dolder hotel that they had indeed made the right choice.

Economical downlights

The general lighting in the Dolder Grand Hotel is based on more than 3,500 low-voltage downlights distributed throughout the building. They are controlled via Tridonic TE 0105 one4all transformers with their DALI interface. The transformers are noted for their excellent economy, exceptionally level of lighting comfort and impressive reliability. Tridonic transformers offer an average life of 50,000 hours with a probability of failure of less than ten percent.

Tridonic technology also controls the lighting in the Spa fitness area and in the Spa Shop. 70 W high-pressure metal halide lamps have been installed in the fitness area, while the 35 W versions have been fitted in the shop. Both are controlled by PCI FOX ballasts. In addition to DALI functionality the ECGs offer flicker-free light, prevent acoustic resonances and ensure the lighting system achieves excellent luminous efficacy. PCI FOX also ensures colour stability, so the merchandise in the boutique is presented in the best light.

LEDs were chosen for the hotel bar. Special Swarovski “candles” and a “curtain of light” create the right mood, directed and controlled by TALEXXconverters 0018 K350 DALI RGB. These converters can be programmed via software and provide a convenient way of creating and retrieving different lighting moods. Low-voltage and mains voltage halogen spotlights ensure that the Dolder Grand Hotel itself is presented in the best light. 300 W and 1,000 W DALI dimmers provide the appropriate versatility for the outdoor lighting.

Tridonic has supplied the appropriate control and monitoring equipment for the metal halide lamps, LEDs and halogen spotlights so that the lighting systems can be controlled with high levels of convenience and comfort.


Projekt data
Ägare: Dolder Hotel AG, Zurich
Project management: Itten + Brechbühl AG, Zurich
Architects: Forster and Partners, London
Interior architects: United Designers, Speirs and Major Associates, Edinburgh
Ljussättning: Ingenieurbüro Basler + Partner, Zurich
Lighting architects: Walter Moggio, EBP, Zollikon/Switzerland
Project finalised: 2008
Använt material: TE 0105 one4all,
DALI-PCD 300 one4all,
TALEXXconverter K350 DALI RGB