Müller retail chain

Plats: Sites in Germany: Mercaden in Böblingen, Stuttgart-Fasanenhof

The Müller retail chain has opted for LED technology from Tridonic for equipping its new retail outlets and for upgrading its existing shops. A concept for one-to-one replacement of the existing lighting has been developed in close cooperation with Müller Ladenbau GmbH.

One of the main tasks facing Tridonic was to replace the TCL lamps in the existing ceiling louvre luminaires with suitable LED components while retaining the outward appearance of the luminaires. The answer is to use linear Tridonic TALEXXmodule LLE LED modules. Two modules are installed in each luminaire. From a power draw of 42 W they produce a luminous flux of 5,000 lumen. Offering potential energy savings of more than 50 percent compared with the previous lighting, the LED solution from Tridonic for the ceiling louvre luminaires is one of the key components in the new lighting system for Müller.

The shop window display areas are backlit with energy-saving TALEXXchain CRYSTAL SELECT LED chains in a neutral white light colour. Thanks to their special lenses with an emission angle of 155°, the chains can achieve absolutely uniform illumination with only a small number of modules. An additional advantage is that thanks to the homogeneity of the LED chains the film on which the advertising messages are printed is now more transparent and therefore lets more light through. This all helps achieve energy savings of around 80 percent for the shop window backlighting. The new LED wall shelf lighting offers energy savings between 50 and 70 percent compared with the previous system based on T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps.

In all, there are ten different lighting situations that meet the various lighting requirements in the Müller store concept and which feature LED technology from Tridonic. The LED lighting solutions are almost exclusively special versions developed by Tridonic specifically for Müller.