SPAR Österrike

Plats: St. Gilgen/Österrike, Mondsee/Österrike
Produkt: , TALEXXengine COOL, TALEXXengine FREEZE, TALEXXengine SERVE, TALEXXchain P510-SC, TALEXXchain P511-SR

SPAR, den österrikiska matvarukedjan, förvaltar runt 40 till 50 nya bygg- och renoveringsprojekt varje år. Hög energieffektivitet och god hållbarhet ligger högt på deras agenda.

LED-based signage, such the SPAR logo, is part of this programme. Just a small number of powerful TALEXXchain P511-SR LED module chains in red and TALEXXchain P510-SC in green from Tridonic guarantee extremely uniform backlighting.

Another major part of the SPAR climate protection programme is the use of LED lighting in chiller cabinets and deep freezers. Various TALEXXengine solutions are used to reduce energy consumption for the lighting by as much as 60 %. There is the added benefit that TALEXXengine produces hardly any heat leading to further improvements in energy efficiency.

Maintenance-free and more

Simply by using LED light, instead of conventional light sources in the refrigeration units savings in CO2 emissions of around 22.6 tons are expected. Perhaps more importantly for reducing costs, LED light sources do not need any maintenance throughout the entire life of the refrigeration unit. The labour costs for replacing fluorescent lamps every two years disappear entirely.

Their brilliant light will make chilled food look really appetising and make shopping a sensual experience. Thanks to its sophisticated portfolio of FREEZE, COOL, SERVE and Line models, its many years of experience and expertise, Tridonic offers innovative solutions to meet the requirements for high-quality, eco-friendly shopfitting – in close consultation with the manufacturers of refrigeration units. It is hardly surprising then that SPAR has decided to use TALEXXengine LED systems for all further new buildings and renovations.

Projekt data
Refrigeration units: CARRIER Kältetechnik Austria, Hauser GmbH
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