Depå för montering av snökedjor

Plats: St. Christophen/Austria
Produkt: , OMBS, ZRM

Lastbilsförare kan nu montera snökedjor på deras fordon snabbt och säkert på A1 Västra Autobahn i södra Österrike. Asfinag, Österikes motorvägsbolag, har nu inrättat en 1 km lång snökedjemonteringssträcka för lastbilar vid St. Christophen i rikning mot Wien.

The right light for this facility is provided by 44 Oracle street lights from Thorn, assigned to three groups and controlled by the Telea outdoor lighting control system. A video link has been set up to the Asfinag centre where they can monitor the weather and light and control the luminaires accordingly. When a truck approaches the facility it is allocated a bay and the appropriate group of luminaires is switched-on.

The high-performance Oracle street lights feature innovative reflectors and precise lamp arrangement, making them ideal for tasks that require accurate directional light. The slightly domed glass cover directs the light where it is needed, in other words down on the road with only a very small amount of light being scattered above the horizontal.

The Oracle control gear also exudes class, with the focus firmly on long life and low power loss. At the chain fitting facility, 150 W highpressure sodium lamps are operated as specified by the manufacturer on OMBS 150/100 A153W magnetic ballasts with power tapping and thermal protectors and ZRM 4,5-ES/C ignitors from Tridonic. The superimposed-pulse ignitor and the ballast are characterised by their compact design and low self-heating. Perfectly matched ignition combined with exceptional reliability ensure that the discharge lamps are reliably started. The OMBS ballast combines with the ZRM ignitor to form a unit that is ideally tailored to the light source and ensures long lamp life.

Control gear from Tridonic provides the basis for perfect light for fitting snow chains – and greater safety for all road users.

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Ägare: Asfinag 
(Austrian motorway financing company)
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