Cardiac Centre of Bad Krozingen

Plats: Bad Krozingen/Germany

De glasade väggarna som vetter mot innergården på “Helmut-Roskamm-Haus” i Cardiac Center of Bad Krozingen ger accentfärger och skapar en behaglig atmosfär. Bakom väggen sitter TALEXXeos P211-2 LED i rött, grönt, blått och vitt installerat. RGBW färgblandning används för att skapa ständigt föränderliga färgtoner.

The 1,250 mm long lighting units with individual LED points in red, green, blue and neutral white are attached to the floor and shine upward onto the two panels of the wall elements in a colour achieved by RGBW mixing. The addition of white enables very bright colours to b produced, for example to adapt the light depending on the time of day. Twenty of these elements surround the square atrium on each of th three storeys. Each wall element located between two columns consists of three segments.

The lighting units in the total of 180 segments were tailored by Tridonic specifically for this customer. Ten groups with TALEXXeos P211-2 units in red, green, blue and neutral white were mounted in series on an aluminium frame specially developed by hatec. The frame also acts as heat sink. Together with a TALEXXcontrol C350 constant current converter the units were arranged on a 1.25 m long white and therefore reflective steel plate.

The complex challenge of the illuminated balustrade at the “Helmut-Roskamm-Haus” was successfully overcome by hatec Lichttechnik. All the segments, supplied in groups of three with a total LED wattage of 48 W by a power supply unit, are integrated in a DMX control system. A DMX/PWM converter then generates the PWM signals for RGBW colour mixing and for the different lighting scenes.

An efficient and compact light source

The extremely compact TALEXXeos modules were chosen for various reasons, not least their impressive efficiency. These light sources, particularly in white, have a unique combination of luminous efficacy, colour tolerance and colour rendering. The 18 mm x 10 mm TALEXXeos P211-2 unit in neutral white provides a luminous flux of 48 lm when operated on a constant current of 350 mA.

LED modules TALEXXeos P211-2 as coloured versions in red, green and blue also have impressive properties. The single light source TALEXXeos P211-2 with a 1 mm2 high-power LED in conjunction with a matching spotlight lens and the add-on 10°/40° diffusion lens offers a broad distribution of light that ensures uniform illumination of the acrylic panel. The highly attractive coloured light-effect in the atrium and on the verandas creates a feel-good atmosphere that is excellent for patient morale.

With its powerful TALEXXeos modules, Tridonic offers a complete range of white and coloured LED light sources, characterised by extremely compact design and high efficiency.

Projekt data
Ägare: Herz-Zentrum Bad Krozingen (D)
Arkitekt: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Felix Ruch, Bad Krozingen (D)
Interior designer: Dipl.-Innen-Architektin HfbK SWB
Dagmar Müller von Westernhagen, Münchenstein (D)
Planning: Planungsbüro Sütterlin + Partner Gbr, Freiburg (D)
Lighting: hatec Gesellschaft für Lichttechnik mbH, Münstertal (D)
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